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Title of course:  Neuroscience and the Classroom: Making Connections

Neuroscience and the Classroom: Making Connections

Top Teaching Issues

Top Teaching Issues Covered in This Course

  1. Why take this course? (Intro, Section 1)
  2. How do my ideas about how the brain works affect my teaching? (Unit 1, Section 2)
  3. Why don't more of my students understand the approach to problem-solving that I am teaching them? (Unit 1, Section 4)
  4. What is emotion, and why do we have it? (Unit 2, Section 1)
  5. Why is emotion important to good thinking, and how does it help students solve problems? (Unit 2, Section 4)
  6. What is the connection between emotion and motivation? (Unit 2, Section 6)
  7. Why is empathy important to learning and teaching? (Unit 3, Section 3)
  8. Why is time for reflection so important? (Unit 3, Section 5)
  9. How can we create more learner-friendly schools? (Unit 3, Section 6)
  10. What is normal? Who is normal? (Unit 4, Section 2)
  11. Why can't I get these kids to pay attention? (Unit 4, Section 3)
  12. How are attention, memory and learning connected? (Unit 4, Section 4)
  13. Don't those with attention problems struggle with all learning? (Unit 4, Section 6)
  14. Why do I have to keep teaching the same things over and over? (Unit 5, Section 1)
  15. What's the difference between teaching and learning? (Unit 5, Section 2)
  16. How can they understand an idea in class and fail the test? (Unit 5, Section 3)
  17. How can I get students to do their best? (Unit 5, Section 4)
  18. Why is the ladder a poor metaphor for learning? (Unit 5, Section 5)
  19. How do students build new skills and understandings? (Unit 5, Section 6)
  20. What is failure? (Unit 5, Section 7)
  21. What is a teacher's job? (Unit 5, Section 7)
  22. How do I begin to bring some of these ideas from research into my school? (Unit 6, Section 7)



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