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Title of course:  Neuroscience and the Classroom: Making Connections

Neuroscience and the Classroom: Making Connections


Glossary by Alphabet

Dewey, John
Prominent figure in education, psychology, and philosophy in the 20th century with prominent achievements in advancing child-centered and progressive education, highlighting the interconnectedness of society and education, and advocating pragmatism, among many other contributions.
differentiated instruction
Approach to (or philosophy of) teaching that allows for individual students' learning needs and interest to dictate the educational direction to allow for different learner profiles to be successful in a classroom.
Dweck's theory of intelligence
Carol Dweck advanced a theory of intelligence with two broad categorizations of how people perceive intelligence explicitly or implicitly. Incremental theorists subscribe to a concept of intelligence that is dynamic, changeable, and responsive to efforts toward improvement. Entity theorists attribute intelligence to a fixed property of the person that is static.
Dynamic skill theory
A theory put forth by Kurt Fischer and colleagues describing concepts (and methods) for understanding how cognition and emotion impact development and learning based on assumptions of individual variability and interactions with context and environment. In the context of learning, dynamic skill theory posits levels of development and dependence of performance on context.
A term describing a learning disability that is defined by difficulty with single word reading, often impacting negatively text comprehension. Other secondary associations include difficulties with processing sounds of language accurately or automatically and socioemotional challenges.



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