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Session 9, Part B: Nets
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Session 9 Materials:

Session 9, Part B:

In This Part: Nets with Regular Polygons | Nets with Circles

Problem B5


What would a net for a cylinder look like? Sketch one, and describe how the various edges are related.


Problem B6


A cone has a circular base and a point at the vertex. If you cut open a cone and unrolled it, what do you think you would have as the net? Predict what the net for a cone will look like, and then draw a picture of your prediction.


Problem B7


Take a party hat or some other cone-shaped object (a "right" cone where the vertex is directly above the center of the circle). Make a single slice up the side of the cone, and unroll it. What shape do you have? Explain why that is the correct net for a cone.


Problem B8


If you took a larger sector of the same circle, how would that change the cone? What if you took a smaller sector?

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