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Geometry Session 4: Solutions
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Solutions for Session 4, Part A

See solutions for Problems: A1 | A2 | A3

Problem A1


Moving the point on the circle changes the radius. Moving the center changes the radius and rotates the circle about a point on the circle.


The point chosen first is the center of the circle.


The point determines the center and the segment determines the radius.

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Problem A2

Draw a circle. Two points will be displayed: the center and a point on the circle. Now construct another circle using the point displayed on the first circle as the new circle's center. Move the mouse to the center of the first circle and click.

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Problem A3


Follow the instructions.


Start by creating a segment anywhere on your sketch. Then select the segment and one of its endpoints. (Remember to hold down the shift key while selecting more than one object.) When you have a segment and a point selected, "Perpendicular Line" will be an option under the Construct menu. Create a point anywhere on the perpendicular line. Then select the perpendicular line and choose "Hide Line" under the Display menu. Connect the point to each endpoint of your original segment.


Everything can change depending on what you select -- sides, angles, etc. Nothing remains fixed.


In this case, the right angle remains fixed no matter what you do.

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