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Geometry Session 3: Polygons
Session 3 Part A Part B Part C Homework
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Session 3 Materials:

Session 3, Part B:
Classifying Polygons

In This Part: Properties of Polygons | Grouping Polygons | Polygon-Classification Game
More Venn Diagrams

The following problems further explore the properties of polygons using Venn diagrams:

Take it Further

Problem B4


Use the picture of a Venn diagram below:


Determine what the labels on this diagram must be.


Explain why there are no polygons in the overlap of the Label 1 circle and the Label 2 circle.


Explain why there are no polygons in the Label 3 circle that are not also in one of the other circles.

Problem B5


Create a diagram in which no polygons are placed in an overlapping region (that is, no polygon belongs to more than one category).

Problem B6


Create a diagram in which all of the polygons are placed either in the overlapping regions or outside the circles (that is, no polygon belongs to just one category).


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