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Geometry Session 10, Grades K-2: Notes
Session 10 Session 10 K-2 Part A Part B Part C Homework
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Notes for Session 10, Part A

Note 2

Before examining specific problems at this grade level, you will watch with an eye toward geometric problem solving a teacher in her classroom. The purpose in viewing the video is not to reflect on the teacher's methods or teaching style, but to watch closely the way she brings out geometric ideas while engaging her students in a problem-solving task. Think about how the task meets students at their current level of geometric sophistication and also helps move them to the next level.

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Note 3

This is a particularly good discussion to have with your colleagues. Everyone has different opinions and thoughts about the use of context in the mathematics classroom. Spend some time talking about not just what you think, but why you think it. Cite examples from your own experience instead of focusing on what you have heard others say.

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