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Geometry Session 10, Grades 3-5: Notes
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Notes for Session 10, Part C

Note 6

It's difficult to identify the important content and how students might approach an activity without actually doing the mathematics yourself. These are, for the most part, short problems and activities. Allow yourself time to work through the mathematics, even briefly, before going on to answering the other questions.

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Note 7

Additional questions you might explore (or ask students to do): What is the relationship between the right and left views? Front and back views? Will that always happen, or is there something special about this building? If you were to provide the minimum information for someone to copy the building, what would you choose? (Think about the similarity between this and questions about the minimum information necessary to determine if two triangles are congruent.) Can you build two different buildings with the same set of five views? (And how do you decide if two buildings are different?)

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Note 8

You may want to review our work with creating and understanding definitions in Session 3.

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