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Geometry Session 1: Notes
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Notes for Session 1, Part B

Note 3

If you are working in a group, you may choose to do the following as a hands-on activity instead of the Interactive Activity. First, have everyone take about five minutes to explore the pattern blocks. Then divide the group into pairs and have the partners sit with each other. Each partner will work with the same set of pattern blocks. Each pair should use a divider, such as a propped-up binder, to prevent the partners from seeing each other's work. Then follow these steps:


Partner 1 will build a design with his pattern blocks. He should build a design flat on his desk, not a tower or building.


Partner 1 will then describe his design to Partner 2. He may use words only -- no gestures, drawings, or other visual cues. Partner 2 may ask for clarification, but should try not to ask too many questions. The goal is for Partner 1 to describe the design completely.


Partner 2 will build the design described by Partner 1. When the design is built, they will lift the divider to compare their designs.


The partners should switch roles.

After the partners on each team have had a chance to describe their designs to each other, discuss the questions below and jot down answers to share with the whole group. During the discussion, make a list of terms that were used, ideas where a term was needed and not known, discrepancies between the designs and the target, and what might have been said to eliminate those differences.

Consider These Questions:


When you described your design for your partner, what was difficult to describe? What was easy to describe?


Jot down some of the mathematical terms you used in your descriptions. Were there terms you didn't know or couldn't think of, but that you felt the need to use?


When you were building from your partner's description, what pieces were clear, and what pieces were unclear? Were you able to picture what your partner described and recreate it?


How closely did your designs match the target? Describe any differences between them and why you think they occurred.

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