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Learning Math Home
Patterns, Functions, and Algebra
Session 8 Part A Part B Part C Homework
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Session 8 Materials:

Session 8, Part A:
Cyclic Functions

In This Part: Tides | Heartbeats

When your heart beats, it pumps blood throughout your system of arteries. When doctors measure blood pressure, they usually measure the pressure of the blood in the artery of the upper arm.

But your blood pressure isn't constant. The graph below shows how blood pressure changes over time.

blood pressure graph

Problem A6


What can you tell about blood pressure just before a heartbeat? Note 3


Problem A7


What happens to blood pressure after a heartbeat?


Problem A8


Is this the graph of a cyclic function?


Problem A9


What are the period and amplitude for this graph?


Heartbeat problem taken from Ups and Downs. Mathematics in Context (Chicago: Encyclopedia Britannica, Inc., 1998), p. 26.

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