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12. Expectations for Success - Motivation and Learning

Web-based readings

Lumsden, L. (1994, June). Student motivation to learn. ERIC Digest, (92) EDO-EA-94-7.

This reader-friendly article summarizes research on motivation.

Snowman, J. & Biehler, R. (1997). Motivation: excerpts from chapter 11 of Psychology applied to teaching, Houghton Mifflin, 1997.

This is an indexed series of sections from a textbook that defines motivation, summarizes viewpoints about it, and offers classroom suggestions.

Related links

Patterns of Adaptive Learning
This Web site, developed by scholars at the University of Michigan, includes reports and publications about research in adolescent development and motivation. Included are links to other resources related to motivation research.

Information on Self-Efficacy: A community of scholars
This is a Web site on "self-efficacy" (the belief in one's abilities to handle a situation), created by researchers at Emory University. The site has links to definitions, examples, and research.

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