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13. Pulling It All Together - Creating Classroom and Schools That Support Learning

Web-based readings

Blair, L. (2000, April). Creating a context conducive to change. Connections, 1(2), pp. 1-3. Retrieved September 6, 2001, from the Connections Web site.


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Related links

Annenberg Institute for School Reform
Brown University
Box 1985
Providence, RI 02912
Phone: 401-863-7990
AISR develops, shares, and acts on knowledge that improves the conditions and outcomes of schooling in America, especially in urban communities and in schools serving disadvantaged children. They have a number initiatives in professional development, leadership, accountability, reform, and other areas.

The Coalition for Essential Schools
The Coalition of Essential Schools is a network of national schools committed to student achievement though school design, classroom practice, achievement, and community involvement.

Comer School Development Program
The Comer School Development program at Yale University Child Study Center is dedicated to providing support for teachers and schools as they organize their schools to support healthy development of children. The Web site provides background and select research.

National Center for Restructuring Education, Schools, and Teaching
Phone: 212-678-3432
NCREST supports restructuring of school efforts and works to help schools become learner-centered by focusing on the needs of learners in school organization, governance, and pedagogy; knowledge-based, by restructuring teacher learning and professional development; and responsible and responsive, by restructuring accountability and assessment practices.

New American Schools
1560 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 901
Arlington, Virginia 22209
Phone: 703-908-9500
New American Schools is a research-based organization that helps schools with systemic and comprehensive school reform by working with entire school community – educators, students, parents, administrators, researchers, and business leaders.

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