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8. Watch it, Do it, Know it - Cognitive Apprenticeship

Questions for Reflection

Question 1: It's hard to see the steps of apprenticeship in Mr. Shaheen's high school class. As he says, he is constantly shifting from scaffolding to de-scaffolding.

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Question 2: The teachers shown are supposed to be scaffolding, but it's still not clear what that is.

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Question 3: Every student learns slightly differently. How do you adjust scaffolding to meet the needs of different learners in a heterogeneous classroom?

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Question 4: How are students who enter the learning experience as experts challenged in a cognitive apprenticeship approach to teaching and learning?

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Question 5: The scenes in these segments seem to focus on group activities. Why is that? How important are cooperative groups while you are delivering instruction in a cognitive apprenticeship environment?

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Question 6: The high school students were seen running a significant class exercise. How does that fit the concept of master passing along knowledge to an apprentice? In general, what is the role of the peer learner in a cognitive apprenticeship?

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Question 7: The students in these classes all seemed highly motivated. How can a teacher stimulate shared ownership in a student who otherwise may not seem motivated to reach expertise?

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Question 8: How does a teacher attend and track the progress of so many in a cognitive apprenticeship classroom?

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Question 9: What are appropriate situations for using cognitive apprenticeships?

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