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7. Learning From Others - Learning in a Social Context

Questions for Reflection

Question 1: Yvonne Scott wrote down the children's questions about butterflies but did not specifically ask about the children's prior knowledge of butterflies. Why did she take this approach? What if their prior knowledge is confused or incorrect?

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Question 2: What if a child is reluctant to participate in a project because she feels she doesn't know anything about the topic?

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Question 3: After a hands-on activity, what if the student is still confused or simply doesn't grasp the concept being taught?

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Question 4: Is managed dialogue an effective learning strategy? If everyone doesn't participate in the conversation, does that mean they're not learning?

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Question 5: When a teacher uses group discussion, how do you know whether or not individual students are learning?

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Question 6: How does the culture of a classroom change when students' learning happens in the context of social interaction – for example, projects or cooperative learning activities?

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