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6. The Classroom Mosaic - Culture and Learning

Questions for Reflection

Question 1: The parent memoirs in Ms. Hayes-Parvin's class were powerful, but I don't see how I could make it work in my class.

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Question 2: I noticed that some of the students in Kathleen Hayes-Parvin's class have photos in their "writer's notebooks." Some students my not have photos from home to include in their notebooks, and thus may feel left behind. How could Kathleen handle this kind of inequity?

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Question 3: It is always beneficial to involve parents in their child's education. Kathleen demonstrates how she involves parents by bringing them in to share their genealogy with the students. Considering the economic differences in the students, does she ever have problems with students who do not have access to the information, do not have an interesting story to tell, or do not have parents who are willing to come to the classroom?

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Question 4: I notice that there are a variety of cultures represented in both classrooms shown in this episode. In a classroom of mostly Caucasian students, how does the teacher decide which cultures to focus on?

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Question 5: Looking at the high school segment with various cultures represented in the classroom, isn't it difficult to find texts that include all cultures? Does the teacher need to be concerned about representing all cultures in each text? How does a teacher decide which cultures to represent with the texts provided?

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Question 6: With so many cultures represented in these classrooms it would take a great amount of time to extend curriculum to connect to all of the students' lives. How do the teachers in this segment decide how much time to spend on extension activities?

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Question 7: In the high school classroom the students are encouraged to share their own experiences as they relate to the text. These text-to-self connections help students make sense of what they are reading and aid in reflection. How does the teacher respond to the students who are resistant to sharing personal experiences with the class?

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