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Prato Haggadah, Folio 11rPrato Haggadah, Folio 11rUnknown artist, SpainFor the GuggenheimFor the GuggenheimJenny Holzer (American, b. 1950)Poems with Floral DecorationPoems with Floral DecorationKojima Soshin (Japanese, 1580–ca. 1656)Lindisfarne Gospels, fol. 29 (Cotton MS, Nero D.IV)Lindisfarne Gospels, fol. 29 (Cotton MS, Nero D.IV)Attr. to Bishop Eadfrith of Lindisfarne (698–721), Northumbria (England)Venus Table from the Dresden CodexVenus Table from the Dresden CodexMaya artist, Yucatán Peninsula probably, MesoamericaLeaf from a Qur’an ManuscriptLeaf from a Qur’an ManuscriptUnknown artist, attr. to SpainOOFOOFEd Ruscha (American, b. 1937)
Stela of MentuwoserStela of MentuwoserEgyptian artist, Abydos possibly, Northern Upper EgyptQuotations from Chairman MaoQuotations from Chairman MaoXu Bing (Chinese, b. 1955)One and Three ChairsOne and Three ChairsJoseph Kosuth (American, b. 1945)Book Cover for Zang Tumb TumbBook Cover for Zang Tumb TumbFilippo Tommaso Marinetti (Italian, 1876–1944)Graffiti TagGraffiti TagFaro (Egyptian, active early 21st century)La Trahison des images (Ceci n’est pas une pipe)La Trahison des images (Ceci n’est pas une pipe)René Magritte (Belgian, 1898–1967)Bamboo in the WindBamboo in the WindWu Zhen (Chinese, 1280–1354)
The Five ScrollsThe Five ScrollsAaron Wolf Herlingen (Austrian, ca. 1700–ca. 1757)Abstract Figures on PaperAbstract Figures on PaperJohn J.B. Murry (Murray) (American, 1908–1988)Biblia Latina (Latin Bible)Biblia Latina (Latin Bible)Johann Gutenberg (German, ca. 1400–1468) (publisher)

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