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The Penitence of St. Jerome (triptych) The Penitence of St. Jerome (triptych) Joachim Patinir (Netherlandish, d. 1524)Bleaching Ground in the Countryside Near HaarlemBleaching Ground in the Countryside Near HaarlemJacob Isaacksz. van Ruisdael (Dutch, 1628/9–82)Saint George and the DragonSaint George and the DragonAlbrecht Altdorfer (German, 1480–1538)Yosemite Valley, Glacier Point TrailYosemite Valley, Glacier Point TrailAlbert Bierstadt (American, born Germany, 1830–1902)Early SpringEarly SpringGuo Xi (Kuo Hsi) (Chinese, ca. 1000–1090)Clay Pot Storage Vessel (Masato chomo)Clay Pot Storage Vessel (Masato chomo)Shipibo-Conibo artist, PeruGela Mask (The Ancient One)Gela Mask (The Ancient One)Wee artist, Liberia/Cote d’Ivoire
Possum AncestorsPossum AncestorsAnatjari (Yanyatjarri) Tjakamarra (Australian, Pintupi language group, ca. 1938–1992)Falls of the YosemiteFalls of the YosemiteEadweard Muybridge (British, emigrated to the US, 1830–1904)The Serpent MoundThe Serpent MoundPossibly Adena culture (500 BCE–200 CE) or Fort Ancient culture (1000 CE–1550 CE)Spiral JettySpiral JettyRobert Smithson (American, 1938–1973)Wallowa Mountains MemoryWallowa Mountains MemoryKay WalkingStick (American, Cherokee, b. 1935)The Red RibbonThe Red RibbonTurenscape with the Graduate School of Landscape Architecture, Peking University. Kongjian Yu (Chinese, b. 1963) (principal designer)Frescoed Wall from the House of LiviaFrescoed Wall from the House of LiviaRoman artist
Suijin Shrine and Massaki on Sumida River from One Hundred Famous Views of EdoSuijin Shrine and Massaki on Sumida River from One Hundred Famous Views of EdoUtagawa (Ando) Hiroshige (Japanese, 1797–1858)Central Park (view of the Turtle Pond)Central Park (view of the Turtle Pond)Frederick Law Olmsted (American, 1822–1903) and Calvert Vaux (English, 1824–1895)Black Stork in a LandscapeBlack Stork in a LandscapeIndia, Lucknow, Uttar PradeshView of the gardens at Stourhead EstateView of the gardens at Stourhead EstateHenry Hoare II (1705–1785) and Henry Flitcroft (1687–1768) (designers)

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