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[Teacher-talklife] Session 7: Energy Flow in Communities

From: Joan Edgar <jedgar_at_hanoverschools.org>
Date: Sun, 1 Jul 2012 23:02:43 -0400

Fellow Students/Teachers--

Exploring designed communities in the video, like the aquarium, compost
facility and greenhouse, were some good learning experiences for me that I
could see my students benefiting from. I think a trip to our town's
compost facility would be most interesting, and that my students could make
some great learning connections there to energy, how it works, and how
scientists can manage the flow of energy. I also think that my students
would benefit from making any of the Bottle Biology systems, especially the
TerrAqua column; the terrariums made in a fifth grade classroom, complete
with an anole, would be another great way for my 6th graders to explore
energy flow through the links in a food chain. The reading homework has
consistently stated that, even when students are taught about food chains
and energy flow, they tend to have misunderstandings or revert back to old
ways of thinking. I think participating in making of one these terrariums
or bottles would help students to understand and retain this important
information, as they would have a long-term, hands-on experience with it.
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