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[Teacher-talklife] Session 4--Plant Life Cycles

From: Joan Edgar <jedgar_at_hanoverschools.org>
Date: Sun, 17 Jun 2012 11:53:09 -0400

Hello fellow students--

There were no instructions as to what to write about in this session. I
found this the most interesting of sessions, as there is much I did not
know about plant life cycles. I sincerely had no idea about alternation of
generations and hadn't thought much about the fact of lack of mobility
makes plants have to be quite "clever" in their pollination and dispersal
of seeds. AS it is that time of year, I experienced personally the way
male conifers send copious amounts of pollen out into the world in the
hopes of pollinating female cones--here in New England, I feel that many,
many conifer offspring will result from this extremely pollen-y
spring/summer! At least I have a good understanding of why I need to take
so much allergy medicine!

--Joan Edgar
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