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[Teacher-talklife] Session 4, Plant Life Cycles

From: Joan Edgar <jedgar_at_hanoverschools.org>
Date: Sun, 3 Jun 2012 21:59:05 -0400

Hello fellow teachers--

The topic today is how to teach sexual reproduction to K-6 grade students,
while respecting personal, school, and district positions on the teaching
of reproduction. I think in learning about plant life cycles, it would not
be a problem--all the parts could be referred to, for example the male
stamen, female ovary and the male sperm and female egg, and the steps in
the plant life cycle could be followed. In the animal kingdom, I think
emphasis could be on insects, or, as I had taught in my herring life cycle
unit, on fish, showing the female depositing the eggs on the stream bottom,
the male going over the eggs and dispensing the sperm.
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