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[Teacher-talklife] Life Science Session 2--Classifying Living Things

From: Joan Edgar <jedgar_at_hanoverschools.org>
Date: Sat, 19 May 2012 11:49:17 -0400

Hello fellow teachers/students:

Studying the domains of living things (bacteria, archaea, and eukarya) and
the kingdoms within those domains, I am finding to be fascinating. I would
like to have learned a bit more about bacteria and archaea, but maybe that
will come later in the course. For me, as an Earth Science teacher who
studied these things many years ago, the categorization is review and a
great reminder of why each of these groupings are separate from one
another. Creating data tables and webs also helped me to keep these
classifications clear in my mind.
For my 6th grade students, I think the same types of activities we did
would be very helpful. I could see having them cut out pictures of living
things and categorizing them as I did with my partner into the different
kingdoms and then create big posters of each kingdom within eukarya,
putting their pictures on it and adding boxes with the variety of
characteristics, including one box of shared characteristics (like cells
with nucleii), and boxes which delineate the differences between them (cell
wall/no cell wall, make/ingest/absorb food, etc.). I believe that physical
act would help them to remember the catergories once they understand the
At the molecular level, the students would be more challenged, as they
haven't studied a lot of chemistry, but I think they could understand it at
a basic level. For example, photosynthesis and ingestion as molecular
processes, with the use of CO2 and O2.
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