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[Channel-talklife] LS Session 7

From: Melissa McCann <mkmcc74@yahoo.com>
Date: Fri Mar 09 2007 - 05:12:40 EST

Local filed trips and or facilities I could use to make energy flow along the links of a food chain concrete to my students:
  New England Aquarium- Boston, MA
  Mystic Aquarium- Mystic, CT
  Roger Williams Park Zoo- Warwick, RI
  Southwick Zoo- Mendon, MA
  By visiting aquariums and zoos, the students could view predator/prey relationships and see the types of plant life needed in a given animal's habitat.
  Jaswell Farm- North Smithfield, RI
  Four Town Farm- Seekonk, MA
  By visiting produce farms, the students could learn about relationships among soils, plants, insects, and the animals who (attempt to) eat the plants.
  Grade 6

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