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[Channel-talklife] LS Session 3

From: Melissa McCann <mkmcc74@yahoo.com>
Date: Tue Jan 30 2007 - 09:08:22 EST

As a sixth grade science teacher, I think DNA could be incorporated into my life science unit. It would fit in appropriately with the section about cells and heredity. When students study the cell organelles, they could study the nucleus and its contents. Students could learn that the nucleus contains chromosomes, and that it is in the chromosomes that DNA is held. As mentioned in the reading assignment, the metaphor of DNA as a video tape or audio tape with a code stored on it could help students to grasp the general idea that DNA is a place where an organism's genetic code is stored.
  This is my first year teaching life science at this grade level, so I will try to collaborate with my colleagues to learn how they incorporate teaching about DNA with with teaching about cells and heredity.

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