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[Channel-talklife] #7 Guided Channel-Talk Life Posting

From: Miriam <bikedoctor@frontiernet.net>
Date: Tue Apr 25 2006 - 13:38:26 EDT
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Guided Channel-Talk Life Posting
During the video, we visited several locations that represent "designed
communities: a greenhouse, an aquarium, and a compost facility. This helped
us explore energy by focusing on how scientists manage its flow. What sorts
of Local field trips and/or school facilities could you use to make energy
flow along the links of a food chain concrete to your students?
We actually visited that same aquarium! My student watched this episode
with me. He was very excited to see the same aquarium. We have a green
house at his grandmother's home, and we grow our own garden. We have a
compost heap, and we could go measure the temperature in our heap too. We
do a lot of work each summer in the garden, and discuss seeds, and what they
need to grow. This summer we will discuss the energy part of it too. We
saw a dead cat on our walk the other day, and after watching the video we
discussed the bacteria and fungi that were decomposing the cat. My student
noted that the smell came from the bacteria. He was very interested and
motivated to pursue the issue further. The video combined with the dead cat
provided enough of an inquiry in his mind to keep discussing the issue. He
told what he had learned to his grandmother. He recalled that the dead
animal is teaming with bacteria, so if you touch it, that bacteria might get
into your body and try to eat you. We discussed earlier why the bacteria
didn't eat something that was alive. He thought for a while and then
realized that our body kills it off. Several minutes later he asked if our
bodies can recognize what things belong to our body and what things don't
and he mentioned a tag to mark them. We discussed virus and if they were
alive and talked about how they change our cells to do what they want them
to. Then the body has to kill them off. He was very interested and
motivated to learn more, not by going and reading more, as hoped, but he did
discuss it with his grandmother and also maintained the conversation with me
This was great!
Discuss this in your Channel-TalkLife posting for this session. Be sure to share any experiences you?ve had with your colleagues.

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