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[Channel-talklife] Help with Action Research Project for - Essential Science for Teachers: Life Science

From: Miriam <bikedoctor@frontiernet.net>
Date: Sat Apr 22 2006 - 16:02:09 EDT
X-Mailer: IncrediMail (5002185)

Who do I seek help from if I don't understand the Action Research Project?
I have a research question but I don't know if it is within the scope of
the assignment.
Here are my ideas:
Strategy ? copy studio ideas to stir up curiosity
Outcome ? student curious enough to take action to learn it.
What science ideas and activities can I use to stir up curiosity enough for
the student to take action to seek deeper learning?
Put prep time into routine, create list of prep work as I think of it. DO
Create list of enticing activities and use it.
Gradually advance into more rigorus activities from the starting attention
catcher activity.
Use Story maps, or concept maps.
Use technology.
Data to collect: try enticing activity, suggest some further learning
activity, measure time student maintains interest and action in activity

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