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[Channel-talklife] Video #1 - Characteristics of living organisms

From: Miriam <bikedoctor@frontiernet.net>
Date: Fri Apr 21 2006 - 17:20:58 EDT
X-Mailer: IncrediMail (5002185)

I think that the Characteristics of living organisms are:
Has a spirit, Can reproduce, cells, grow, react to environment, not man made

Although the earth has a spirit and it is not classified as alive, so just
having a spirit doesn't make one alive.
My ideas about what is alive have not really changed, after watching the
episode, I think they are just more enumerated and defined.
Are the Five characteristics of life presented in the video adequate for
Defining life? I think so. I don't know if life has to have cells though.
 It seems to me that all life would have a life span.
The sea shell seems to puzzle the students, and the egg. And the leaf. I
think the shell is hard to decide if it ever was alive, because it was just
a part of the animal, it didn't seem to have life in itself, like a toe nail
  The egg is perplexing because it just sits there and few children see an
egg hatch. The leaf is hard because at what point is it dead? When it is
dry? Is it dead once it is picked? If it won't grow roots in water, then
is it dead? I am perplexed here. Anyone have an idea?

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