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[Channel-talklife] LIfe Science-Postings for Session 7 and 8

From: Joanne Roberts <joannemroberts@msn.com>
Date: Sun Oct 09 2005 - 18:19:24 EDT
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Session 7 Guided Channel-TalkLife Posting

During the video, we visited several locations that represent "designed"communities: a greenhouse, an aquarium, and a compost facility. This helped us explore energy by focusing on how scientists manage its flow. What sorts of local field trips and/or school facilities could you use to make energy flow along the links of a food chain concrete to your students? Discuss this in your Channel-TalkLife posting for this session. Be sure to share any experiences you've had with your colleagues.

My response:

In third grade we bring our students outside to the vernal pool that is located on the school property. We take them out there throughout the year and it is an excellent way to teach them about energy flow and food chains. Within my classroom I have a classroom River Table which is 5x10 and has an area on the top for aquatic plants which the water flows from the top down a "river" and into an aquarium where the water is then pumped back up through a tube under the table to the aquatic plant container and the cycle begins again. This is another way I teach about energy flow and food chains.


Session 8 Guided Channel-TalkLife Posting

Energy and matter are often considered to be difficult subjects to integrate into elementary school science. Why do you think this is? Do you agree or disagree? How can some of the ideas presented about energy and matter in Life Science be introduced in an appropriate way at the grade level you teach? Discuss this with your colleagues in your final Channel-TalkLife posting.

My response:

The first unit I taught in third grade was weather and I found this topic to be a great way to have students begin to think about energy. For another unit, "Mystery Powders" students are provided bags with different substances inside and they have to be detectives and figure out what is in each bag. This is one way to begin to teach the concept of matter to students. I think that hands-on activities are essential to teach this concepts. I did teach middle and high school science classes and energy and matter was still a challenging concept, students need opportunities for scientific inquiry at all grade levels.

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