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[Channel-talklife] Essential Science Life Sc. Session 4

From: Joanne Roberts <joannemroberts@msn.com>
Date: Sun Oct 09 2005 - 17:52:50 EDT
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Here is the question:


Life Science - 57 - Session 4

Guided Channel-TalkLife Posting

An understanding of animal and plant life cycles requires an understanding of reproduction-specifically, sexual

reproduction. The topic of reproduction is a sensitive one, for which formal instruction is typically left until middle

school or even later. Even then, it's frequently a health education topic. How can animal and plant life cycles be

taught in a scientifically accurate way in K-6 while still respecting personal, school, and district positions on the

teaching of reproduction? How might this topic be made less sensitive through the teaching of animal and plant

life cycles? Share your ideas in your Channel-TalkLife posting for this session.

Here is my response:


When I taught fifth grade I did teach Human Growth and Reproduction. Now that I am teaching third grade I am very careful about the concepts and vocabulary I use when teaching about plant and animal reproduction so that the content is age appropriate. I think that as long as I answer questions truthfully and factually I am respecting personal, school, and district positions. I am careful to not interject my own opinions and if I think that a student's question is one that they should ask their parents I simply say that I appreciate their question and that they should ask that question when they get home because it is not a topic that I cover in class. This seems to work well. With younger children who do not often grasp the concept of reproduction they are usually more interested in watching chicks hatch, watching tadpoles turn to frogs and are not asking many questions about sexual reproduction.

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