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Life Science: About the Course

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[Channel-talklife] Session 6

From: Kimberly Kristine Minton (kim.mint@sbcglobal.net)
Date: Thu Apr 29 2004 - 18:03:25 EDT

In fourth grade it is appropriate to talk about parents and offspring, the students have a general understanding about reproduction, they are also introduced to reproductive health during this grade. I think it is a good time to address DNA, especially when learning about the characteristics of life and the parts of cells. Many of the lessons that we saw in the course videos were excellent examples of how young children can be taught the big picture. Comparing and contrasting are essential learning skills that can be utilized during science lessons on common ancestory. Fourth graders would definately understand survival of the fit! I think it is appropriate to teach these ideas to children.
Of course there are sensitive issues involved such as the act of reproduction, the religious implications and so forth, but as a teacher we have to remember to teach with sensitivity to our diverse world and cultures.

Kimberly Minton

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