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Life Science: About the Course

Teacher-Talk Life

[Channel-talklife] Guided Posting Response Session 1

From: Jean DeMeo (jedemeo@netscape.net)
Date: Thu Mar 11 2004 - 16:34:21 EST

Hello Everyone!

My name is Jean and I'm a 3rd grade teacher from MA taking this course for graduate credit. Just one session has really gotten me thinking.

What is life--and how does it apply to my classroom instruction? Based on our district curriculum frameworks for third grade, it pretty much assumes children already know what life is by 3rd grade. The learning standards and instructional material supports this assumption--our science kit gets right into classification of living things without any guided inquiry into what in fact life is.

After viewing Session 1, I know that next year I will start my life science unit just the way I did this course--with a collection of objects that the children can explore and sort. What an effective way to engage their minds and bring them to an understanding of what constitutes life. I can clearly see that I "tell" my students too much, as opposed to guiding their own discoveries.


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