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Life Science: About the Course

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[Channel-talklife] (Fwd) Session 1

From: Jerri Hahnenberg (jhahnenberg@meeker.k12.co.us)
Date: Thu Mar 11 2004 - 13:34:08 EST

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From: Jerri Hahnenberg <jhahnenberg@meeker.k12.co.us>
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Subject: Session 1
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Hi classmates!
response to question

What is Life?
Life is a unique chemistry interaction that reveals characteristics that
have not been observed in the same complete combination in any
other chemical state.
The definition of life is explored and clarified as the video progresses.
Students explore the implications of their impressions.
The elemental chemicals involved with life are Oxygen, Carbon,
Hydrogen, Calcium, and Phosphorus.
The world/earth/universe consists of much more than "Life".
Living, Dead, and Non-living.
1. Living things obtain and use matter and energy. 2. Living things
evolve, mature, and progress through their Life Span. 3. All living
things have the potential to reproduce more of their kind. 4. All living
things have DNA. 5. All living things respond internally and externally
too stimulus from their environment.ALL 5 components must be
present to constitute life.
I am going to learn a lot!!! Primarily expression of understandings!
Jerri Hahnenberg
Meeker, Colorado

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