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[Channel-talklife] Just starting

From: Beverly Dezan (bdezan@sbschools.org)
Date: Tue Mar 09 2004 - 18:17:28 EST

Hello, All.
I have just returned from a week in Mexico at the Monarch butterfly
wintering sanctuaries. I was part of the NJ Monarch Teachers Network. We
attended a three-day workshop last summer to qualify for the trip, and it
truly was a life-changing experience. I have been involved with monarchs for
about 12 years. With representatives from Ontario and the US, and meeting
teachers in Mexico, I felt like a global ambassador. Let me know if you'd
like to hear more!

I am taking the course for credit, to round out my "highly qualified"
credentials. Currently Elementary Science Specialist, I would like to teach
middle school science if ever I return to the classroom.

Will tape and view the first and second programs tomorrow!

Beverly Dezan
K-5 Science Specialist
South Brunswick Schools
Monmouth Jct., NJ 08852

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