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[Channel-talklife] VoD status

From: Alison Reid (areid@cfa.harvard.edu)
Date: Tue Mar 09 2004 - 09:54:37 EST

Dear Life Science participants,

Our Video on Demand (VoD) feature is back up after technical
difficulties on Friday and over the weekend. You should now be able
to view Life Science shows 2-6 and 8 (session 7 is coming soon), so
if you had problems in the past couple days please try again. Also
please try twice if the first time does not work; about 1 in 10 VoD
requests are failing, for the moment. We hope to have that problem
fixed as well in the next few days.

NOTE: Session 1 is NOT yet online, due to technical problems. We hope
to have it up later today. You can also watch session 1 tomorrow,
Wednesday, on our online simulcast
(http://www.learner.org/broadband/video.html) at 9:00
a.m./p.m. ET. The simulcast is, as its name suggests, a broadband
version of our satellite channel, and differs from the VoD in that
you cannot view programs "on demand" but rather based on the
Channel's broadcast schedule:

Alison Reid

Alison Reid
Web Specialist
Harvard-Smithsonian CfA
60 Garden St., MS82
Cambridge, MA 02138
Tel: 617-496-7680

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