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Life Science: About the Course

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Re: [Channel-talklife] (no subject)

From: Sue Mattson (smattson@cfa.harvard.edu)
Date: Thu Mar 04 2004 - 10:07:46 EST

Hi Kim, Jerri, Marsha, and other ChannelTalkers!

My name is Sue Mattson and I was involved in the development of this course.
On behalf of everyone involved, welcome to Essential Science: Life Science!
It is probably not usually the case that one of us "listens in" and
participates, but I would love to hear reactions to the videos and the
coursework as the course unfolds. What do you learn? What helped you learn
it (the video, the course sessions and activities from print materials, the
homework, the Web site)? What ideas are challenging? What connections can
you make to your classroom?

I'm particularly interested in whether or not you find the problem sets, the
concept mapping, and some of the other homework activities helpful. I'm
also interested in your use of the Web site (take a look if you haven't done
so already!).

Positive comments and criticisms are welcome!

Sue Mattson

on 3/3/04 4:41 PM, Marsha Willis at mwillis@esc12.net wrote:

Hi Kim and Jerri, I am from Waco, Texas and provide science professional
development to teachers in 78 districts here in Central Texas. I am hoping
to get a lot of information and activities to share with my teachers after I
take this course. Are you taking it for credit? It does look like a lot of
things to do-but they look exciting as well. I will be watching the video
later this week. marsha
Math/Science Education Specialist
Education Service Center Region 12
2101 W. Loop 340
Waco, TX 76712

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