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Life Science: About the Course

Course Structure 

On-Site Activities

Essential Science for Teachers: Life Science consists of eight three-hour sessions, each of which includes group activities and discussions as well as an hour-long video program.

The course guide provides activities and discussion topics for pre- and post-viewing investigations that complement each of the eight one-hour video programs.

Getting Ready (Site Investigation)
In preparation for watching the program, you will engage in 60 minutes of investigation through discussion and activity.

Watch the Course Video
Then you will watch the 60-minute video, which includes classroom footage, commentary, science demonstrations, and more.

Going Further (Site Investigation)
Wrap up the session with an additional 40 minutes of investigation through discussion and activity.

For Next Time

Homework Assignment
You will be assigned exercises and activities that tie into the last course session or prepare you for the next one.

Ongoing Activities

Bottle Biology
Each course video features a section titled Bottle Biology, which is a long-term, hands-on activity that uses readily available materials to explore plant growth. You can follow along or simply watch the investigation and ponder the questions it poses.

Reflective Journal Entry
A critical part of taking steps toward change is representing learning along the way. This is a deliberate process that calls for reflecting upon your own understandings before, during, and after key experiences and documenting how these understandings change. While there are numerous ways to represent learning, we suggest using a journal. As the course progresses, pay particular attention to changes in your thinking, and the implications of these changes, and record them in your journal.

You can communicate with other course participants via an email discussion list, Teacher-TalkLife (the course discussion list). To send a message to the list, write to: [email protected]

Graduate Credit Option
Essential Science for Teachers: Life Science is a three-credit, graduate-level course available through Colorado State University. As a result, there is a significant amount of work for between sessions. Assignments are detailed in the course activities section of the course guide.

General Tip

It is strongly recommended that participants acquire a college-level biology text. Reading topics will be listed in each session.


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