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Earth & Space Science: About the Course

Teacher-Talk EarthSpace

[Channel-talkearthspace] session 1 and 2

From: <Sandbergll_at_aol.com>
Date: Mon Apr 07 2008 - 23:09:30 EDT
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Soil? I would have to say it's dirt just like many of the kids. The soil
where I live is clay, we add sand to it to garden. Some people even bring in a
layer of topsoil. Learning that a balance of all of these soil types and there
purpose will be helpful.
Rocks, I learned about rocks in elementary school. The three types and maybe
how they formed, I can't really remember. I think we can make it more
interesting to children, especially the dating and layering parts. That was
interesting in the video. I also think fossils fascinate everyone. Kids might become
more interested in rock study if fossil and rock were more connected in the
lesson. Just a thought. I do need to ask - Is a mammoth frozen into ice for
millions of years a fossil or not? It's not a cast or an imprint, but it could be
traces of dead organism. I vote fossil.

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