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[Channel-talkearthspace] Physical Science -Session 1

From: Neal Utesch <utescnea@sergeant-bluff.k12.ia.us>
Date: Tue Jun 05 2007 - 12:29:26 EDT
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Looking for someone to talk with about session 1 for the Essentials of
Physical Science for Teachers.

What is matter? When I talk about this topic with my kids I let them
know that matter contains elements and that all solid objects are
matter. I teach 6th grade general science and use the topic of matter
and the states of matter periodically throughout the year. When I talk
about elements and the periodic table, we discuss the different states
of matter. When I teach students about the properties of water and
water conservation we discuss it and when the students explore different
ecosystems and environments we talk about the states of matter that
exist in each one of the biomes. What do you do to teach the concept of
matter to your students?

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