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[Channel-talkearthspace] Thoughts on Session #7

From: Neal Utesch <utescnea@sergeant-bluff.k12.ia.us>
Date: Fri Apr 13 2007 - 15:08:16 EDT
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In this unit the video showed how we can use scale to teach students the
relationship that each planet has with in the solar system. I was quite
surprised at the size of the model myself when I watched the video. It
gave me a good idea of just how spread out the planets actually are.
When I taught about planets before we usually focused on the physical
features of each planet and the characteristics that made each one
unique from the other one. I used to have the students create a model
by using paper machae and balloons. The students would hand them in the
hall way. We never investigated the scale model of this, but now seeing
it on the video I wish that I would have incorporated that lesson into
my model building project. I think that by putting it to scale for the
students they can gain a greater respect for the planets, their
characteristics, and the formation of our solar system. I like the idea
of building a scale model for the students and doing it outside on he
playground. I will be sure to use it next year.

Any Thoughts on Session #7......

Neal Utesch

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