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[Channel-talkearthspace] summer term and session 1

From: Melissa McCann <mkmcc74@yahoo.com>
Date: Mon Jun 12 2006 - 21:38:33 EDT

  Has anyone thought about how to tackle the action research project? Considering that this is the summer session, action reserach cannot be conducted as it could during the school year.
  Regarding the Channel-Talk prompts, I think the ideas students bring to the classroom are a combination of previous classroom experiences, experiences in learning environments such as museums, independent reading, listening and talking to other people, and exposures to relevant situations. Students integrate the information gathered from all of these different experiences and try to make sense of it. Their conclusions may or may not be correct, depending on their level of comprehension of the experiences.On the other hand, I think my knowledge about soil comes mostly from observations. I do not recall ever having formal instruction about soil.

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