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Unit 12: Earth's Changing Climate // Section 10: Further Reading

Further Reading

Center for Health and the Global Environment, Harvard Medical School, Climate Change Futures: Health, Ecological, and Economic Dimensions (Boston, MA: Harvard Medical School, November 2005).

Climate Timeline ( This web site, maintained by the National Geophysical Data Center at the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, links changes in weather and climate through history to specific historic events.

"The Discovery of Global Warming," ( Created by Spencer Weart, author of the book of the same title, this site includes detailed essays on the history of climate change science, case studies, and links to relevant scientific and historical publications.

James E. Hansen, "Can We Still Avoid Dangerous Human-Made Climate Change?" February 10, 2006, In this speech and accompanying slides, a leading U.S. climate scientist makes the case for action to slow global climate change.


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