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Professional Development Guide

A downloadable PDF Course Guide for this course provides an outline for a workshop facilitator to use the course materials in a professional development session for teachers and educators, individually or as a group. The Guide describes how to run a prescribed sequence workshop that can help teachers earn professional development points or graduate credit.

Download PDF versions of the Professional Development Guide units:

Full Professional Development Guide with appendix

Online Textbook PDFs

The online textbook chapters support and extend the content of each video, providing context for the focused examples presented in the video and showing how the examples fit into the larger field. The online textbook also includes support materials and resources for further study such as full-color images of related figures, glossary terms, and a bibliography for further reading.

Click on the unit titles in the menu to the left to view the Web version of the online textbook, which includes links to related material; or download PDF versions of the chapters below.

Download PDF versions of the Online Textbook:

Full textbook

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