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Unit 6: HIV and AIDS
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Related Resources
Garrett, L. 1994. The coming plague - Newly emerging diseases in a world out of balance. New York: Penguin Books.
A detailed book that provides insights into emerging infection through the stories of those intimately involved in a plethora of outbreaks worldwide.

Amborzia, J., and J. A. Levy. 1998. Epidemiology, natural history and pathogenesis of HIV infection. In Sexually Transmitted Diseases, 3d ed, ed. K.K. Holmes, P.F. Sparling, P.A. Mardh, S.M. Lemon, W.E. Stamm, P. Piot, and J.N. Wasserheit, 251–58. New York: McGraw-Hill.
A review of the transmission and clinical manifestations of HIV infection.

Cimmons, M. 2002. New prospects on the HIV vaccine scene. ASM News 68(1):19-22.
An update from the American Society of Microbiology.

Cohen, J. 2002. Confronting the limits of success. Science 296:2320,
Discusses the successes and challenges regarding HAART (highly active antiretroviral therapy).

Cohen, J. 2002. The high cost of poverty. Science 296:2324.
Puts AIDS in terms of dollars and cents.

Ezzel, C. 2002. Hope in a vial. Scientific American, June, 38.
An overview of the challenges developing HIV vaccines.

Piot, P. 1998 The science of AIDS: A tale of two worlds. Science 280:1844-45.
One of the essays on science and society presented in Science. The essays are directed to the educated lay reader, and can serve as the basis of discussion and debate in the classroom. This essay introduces the impact that policymakers and community members have on the progression of emerging diseases such as AIDS.

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