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Unit 7: Genetics of Development
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Judith Eisen, PhD
Professor of Biology
Eisen is a professor at the Department of Biology at the University of Oregon. She studies how neuronal diversity is generated during development, including how the correct number of cells are specified for specific neuronal fates at particular times and in particular locations. She specifically works on the patterning of neurons and neural crest cells in embryonic zebra fish

Markus Grompe, M.D.
Professor of Genetics
Grompe is a professor of medical and molecular genetics at Oregon Health and Science University and also in the Department of Pediatrics. He studies metabolic liver diseases and the molecular genetics of Fanconi anemia. His research into hepatic gene therapy represents a potential cure for many hereditary and acquired liver diseases. Grompe is also working on methods to enrich for genetically transduced liver cells by in vivo selection and the use of liver stem cells.

John Incardona, PhD
Senior Fellow
Incardona is a senior fellow at the University of Washington in Seattle. He studies the Sonic Hedgehog gene and its role in development. He also studies how the compound cyclopamine affects the hedgehog signaling pathway.

Nipam Patel, PhD
Professor of Biology and Anatomy; Investigator, HHMI
Patel is a professor in the Department of Organismal Biology and Anatomy at the University of Chicago, and an associate investigator of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Using data from Drosophila development, Patel is studying how developmental pathways have been conserved or altered between various arthropods, and between arthropods and other phyla. Insights into the nature of developmental and molecular alterations will help researchers to understand the evolutionary changes in the mechanisms of pattern formation, and provide a molecular basis for analyzing the diversification of body morphologies and developmental mechanisms.

John Postlethwait, PhD
Professor of Biology
Postlethwait is a professor of biology at the University of Oregon, Institute of Neuroscience. He studies the genetic regulation of animal development including development of the nervous system, the mechanisms of sex determination, the origin of novel morphologies in evolution and the evolution of the vertebrate genome.


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