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Unit 8: Cell Biology and Cancer
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Related Resources
Schneider, K. 2001. Counseling about cancer: Strategies for genetic counseling. 2d ed. New York: John Wiley & Sons.
Excellent information on the causes of cancer, genetic tests for predisposition to cancer, ethics, and genetic counseling.

Bahls, C. and M. Fogarty. 2002. Reining in a killer disease. The Scientist 16[11]:16.
An outline of several approaches to controlling cancer.

Gibbs, W. Wayt. 2003. Untangling the roots of cancer. Scientific American, July, 57-65.
New evidence challenges old theories of how cancer develops.

Kling, Jim. 2003. Put the blame on methylation. The Scientist 16[12]:27-28.
Gene silencing by methylation rather than by gene mutation may create some cancer cells.

McCook, A. 2002. Lifting the screen. Scientific American, June, 16-17.
Developing protein "fingerprints" to screen for cancer.

Rayl, A.J.S. and Lewis, R. 2001. In cancer research, diet and exercise roles Strengthen. The Scientist 15[20]:17.
Evidence for the importance of lifestyle in preventing cancer.

Veggeberg, S. 2002. Fighting cancer with angiogenesis inhibitors. The Scientist 16[11]:41.
Discussion of a class of drugs that helps to prevent angiogenesis.

Wilson, J. F. 2001. A dual role for CDK inhibitors. The Scientist 16[6]:20.
Discusses approaches to cancer treatment using cells cycle inhibitors.

Wilson, J. F. 2002. Elucidating the DNA damage pathway. The Scientist 16[2]:30.
How researchers have deciphered the role of DNA damage repair in cancer.

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