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Unit 12: Biodiversity
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Related Resources
Dobson, A. P. 1998. Conservation and biodiversity. New York: Scientific American Library.
An accessible summary about biodiversity from one of the leaders of the field.

Levin, S. A. 1999. Fragile dominion: Complexity and the commons. Cambridge, MA: Perseus Books.
Discussion about ecology, complexity theory and approaches to modeling complex systems.

Reaka-Kudla, M. L., D. E. Wilson, and E. O. Wilson (eds). 1997. Biodiversity II: Understanding and protecting Our biological resources. Washington, D. C.: Joseph Henry Press.
A multiauthored volume on various aspects of quantifying and preserving biodiversity.

Wilson, E. O. 1994. Naturalist. Washington, D. C.: Naturalist Warner Books
The autobiography of a prominent ecologist and one of the founders of the field biodiversity.


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