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Support Materials
The support materials for Rediscovering Biology: Molecular to Global Perspectives are available here for download as PDF files. You'll need a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader to read the files. Acrobat Reader is available free for download from adobe.com.

Course Guide and Learning Activities

The course guide is to be used by the leader of a workshop or anyone else wishing to lead a group of students through the complete set of coordinated materials of the Rediscovering Biology project. It provides the necessary guidelines and information to ensure that the videos, chapters, and learning activities are presented in the order in which they were intended for maximum educational benefit.

Each unit contains several learning activities tailored to the information in the unit. These activities include simple review and discussion questions; exercises that demonstrate how data are generated, interpreted, and applied; explorations of ethical issues; and consideration of how the information relates to other fields. Most of the activities assume the participants are familiar with the unit's video and online text, and provide a higher level at which to test the user's knowledge of the unit. Click on the unit titles below to download PDF versions of the chapters.

Download PDF versions of the Course Guide chapters:

Full Course Guide with Appendix


Genomics Activities

Proteins and Proteomics
Proteins and Proteomics Activities

Evolution and Phylogenetics
Evolution and Phylogenetics Activities

Microbial Diversity
Microbial Diversity Activities

Emerging Infectious Diseases
Emerging Infectious Diseases Activities

HIV and AIDS Activities

Genetics of Development
Genetics of Development Activities

Cell Biology and Cancer
Cell Biology and Cancer Activities

Human Evolution
Human Evolution Activities

Neurobiology Activities

Biology of Sex and Gender
Biology of Sex and Gender Activities

Biodiversity Activities

Genetically Modified Organisms
Genetically Modified Organisms Activities


Online Textbook
The online textbook chapters support and extend the content of each video, providing context for the focused examples presented in the video and showing how the examples fit into the larger field. The online textbook also includes support materials and resources for further study—such as full color images of related figures, glossary terms, and a bibliography for further reading. Click on the unit titles below to download PDF versions of the chapters.

Download PDF versions of the textbook chapters:

Full Textbook (17.7 mb)
Overview and Credits (851 kb)

Genomics (1.2 mb)
Proteins and Proteomics (1.4 mb)
Evolution and Phylogenetics (1.4 mb)
Microbial Diversity (1.4 mb)
Emerging Infectious Diseases (1.1 mb)
HIV and AIDS (1 mb)
Genetics of Development (1.1 mb)
Cell Biology and Cancer (800 kb)
Human Evolution (1.6 mb)
Neurobiology (1.2 mb)
Biology of Sex and Gender (1.1 mb)
Biodiversity (1.3 mb)
Genetically Modified Organisms (979 kb)


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