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[Channel-talkbio] Job opportunity

From: <briank514@earthlink.net>
Date: Sat May 19 2007 - 17:48:54 EDT
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Hello, my name is Brian Kaestner and I am the Moderator for the AP Environmental Science electronic discussion group. One of your members suggested I post this job opportunity on your list.
Thanks for your help, brian k., APES EDG mod

We are looking for an experienced AP Biology instructor.
The information is below, but you can also email me directly.
Please do not use the EDG to respond.

AP Biology teaching position at Saint Mary's Hall in San Antonio, Texas:
There is an AP Biology teaching position open at Saint Mary's Hall for next
year. Saint Mary's Hall is a private, coed, day school preK ­ 12. It is a
great place to work! For more information about the school, please see the
website at www.smhall.org
The teaching position will most likely entail two sections of AP Biology and
two - three sections of regular biology. If you are interested, please send
your resume to Carol Brown at cbrown@smhall.org
The official job description is:
Position Description and Qualifications
Upper School Biology Teacher
Saint Mary's Hall seeks an outstanding Upper School Biology Teacher to be a
part of a successful Science Vertical Team.
B.A. in Biology, advanced degree(s) preferred. Secondary teaching
Certification. Successful teaching experience in Upper School/High School,
with some knowledge or experience in the Pre-AP/AP program preferred. Strong
background and professional development experience in teaching biology
Job Description:
Teach 4 to 5 sections of science classes including AP Biology and Biology.

Act as an advisor for 10-12 students and assistant class sponsor assisting
with class activities including activities such as attendance, class dances
and elections. Work effectively in multiple team planning situations to
provide seamless horizontal lesson implementation. Support the efforts of
vertical team planning and curriculum alignment. Participate in requested
professional development activities.

Personal note from Brian - Saint Mary's Hall, a private co-ed prep school in San Antonio is looking for an experienced AP Biology instructor. Please pass the word along to anyone you know who might be interested.
SMH is a great place to work and San Antonio is a great place to live.
I am finishing my 26th year at SMH, my wife teaches Physics here and my son is in 6th grade.
The administration is extremely supportive of science and we will complete a new science building in mid June.
The AP program is top notch. Our AP Chemistry teacher, Carol Brown, is a College Board consultant and is on the AP test development committee.
Frank Bell, our current AP Bio instructor, is an experienced reader, table leader and will be on the TDC next year. He is heading back to the East Coast to be closer to family.
Our AP Physics instructor, Hepsy Singh, also coordinates our competitive Robotics club.
I handle the AP Environmental, am a reader and former table leader, a College Board Consultant and APES EDG moderator.
We are a Physics first school and our pre-AP program is second to none.
Our Middle School science team includes 1 College Board consultant and 2 CB consultants in training.
If you know of anyone who might be interested in teaching AP Biology in a great location, please have them contact our department head, Carol Brown at cbrown@smhall.org.
They are also welcome to contact me directly at bkaestner@smhall.org

take care, brian k.

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