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Re: [Channel-talkbio] Unit 10 Neurobiology

From: ed leitz <edleitz@hotmail.com>
Date: Tue Mar 20 2007 - 09:36:44 EDT

Hi Karen and Mary

I agree with both of you in that it was a vrey interesting unit and also
full of very detailed information. I do believe that staying active is a
very important role in maintaining good health and it is nice to see
reaserch to support it. I have always advicated that instead of all the fad
diets, someone who wants to be health should simply become more active. I
grew up on a farm in western PA and when I look around at all the "old"
farmers I see people who are extremely active their entire life. They were
not on any special diet they were simply active. My grandmother lived this
way for years and on her 90th birthday she traveled Australia and New
Zealand for a month. I'm a firm believer that hard work is better for your
health than anything else.

Another aspect of this unit I found interesting was the neurological side of
addictions. I believe that more and more people are finally realizing that
addictions can be a medical problem and are not completely a lack of will
power. If more of this research could be presented to the general public
maybe we could work harder to support and try to cure those with addictions.
  Having said that I still believe that those people who have addictions
must be willing to help themselves.

On the issue of medical marijuana, I am strongly against it being used in
any aspect. I understand that may drugs are prescribed which are also
abused by the general public and that is why some medications have such a
high street value. I also believe that so many people especially young
people already abuse marijuana that we will just be aiding their access to
it. I also believe it will lead to more people breaking into and robbing
pharmacies to get more of it. With caffine and nicotine I understand the
affect they are having on out health care system however I still believe
that alcohol is the biggest problem. The affects of caffine and nicotine
(especially now that smoking is banned in many public places) is more
centered on the person using it. Peope with a high nicotine level do not
cause car accidents and take the lives of others. Also as Karen was saying,
I don't believe nicotine and caffine break-up nearly as many families as do
alcohol. Unfortunatley we can try education but that doesn't seem to
working to reduce alcohol consumption especially amoung teenagers and the
only other option in our country has already been tried and proven to not

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