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[Channel-talkbio] Unit 7 Genetics of Development

From: ed leitz <edleitz@hotmail.com>
Date: Tue Feb 27 2007 - 15:32:55 EST


My name is Ed, and I teach high school biology and marine science. I think
I got a little later start than some of you but after a week off school and
a lot of work, I seem to be on the same unit as most everyone else. Just
wanted to offer my two sence on the matter of stem cells.

I agree with Mary who posted the last message that embroys should not be
used for the purpose of obtaining stem cells. I find it interesting how the
national debate on stem cells and the general publics interest in stem cells
goes in cycles. I will be very interested to see if it becomes another main
issue in the upcoming presidential election. My personal opinion is that
the war will influence almost everything that is debated and at the top of
the publics interest. If there is some sign of resolution then issues like
stem cells and education main once again become hotly debated topics.

I believe I can offen an interesting perspective on the stem cell issue. I
am a former organ transplant recepient, and the thought of stem cells some
day being used to "grow" new organs in the lab is very exciting especially
using adult stem cells that could potentially eliminate the need for
immunosuppression drugs. My experience with them has not been nearly as bad
as some others, but I know people who have suffered through all types of
side-effects with these drugs. The one thought that constantly comes up
with the idea of stem cells is the long term range of possibly devoloping
these techniques. With all the money and research I often wonder where it
would be best spent. Should we be working to develop better drugs, working
on different methods of transplants (artificial organs, animal organs) or
should the time and money be spent on developing stem cell methods. It is a
great idea with loads of potential but as the last unit stated, many
believed we would long ago have had a vaccination for AIDS and we all know
where that issue stands. I still believe that it will be interesting to see
what happens in the future with a new president and new congress and
potentially more money or resources available for stem cells research.

Ed Leitz

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