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[Channel-talkbio] Requirements for Rediscovering Biology course

From: Sherry Hooker <Sherry_Hooker@jayms.jay.k12.me.us>
Date: Sat Apr 29 2006 - 14:15:27 EDT

Hi, I have checked this site several times and there doesn't seem to be
any activity. Is anyone else taking this course? I'm particularly
interested in talking with someone else who is taking it alone rather than
in a group. The information for students from CSU lists as a requirement
"all 10 packets of completed activities", is it 10 or 13 for those of us
taking Rediscovering Biology? Thanks to anyone who might be out there and
can answer that question.

Sherry Hooker
Life SciencesTeacher
Jay High School Science Dept

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