In this interactive, you will build a museum exhibit that will fall under the general theme of "Conflicts in American History." You will select a more specific topic within that theme based on your artifact selections. This exercise consists of the following steps:

  1. Browse the artifacts and think about a topic or theme for your exhibit.
  2. Select, in order, seven artifacts that fit your theme from the 45 artifacts provided.
  3. Write a title and introduction to the exhibit that explains your theme and the connectivity of the artifacts.
  4. Write curatorial tags, brief analyses that explain how the specific artifact is relevant to the theme of the exhibit.

There are no right answers in this process. The artifacts presented here could lead to dozens of different provocative exhibits about conflicts in American history. Pick a topic that particularly interests you or one that leaps out to you from the collection artifacts.

A brief tutorial will provide you an example of this process by asking you to complete a nearly finished exhibit.